Nando F.V

Chilean/Swedish artist Fernando "Nando F.V Fuentes Vargas , producer, songwriter and actor born in Santiago, Chile, raised in Halmstad, Sweden, with his heart in modern urban-pop and traditional Latinamerican music. Nando has been writing and producing songs for Swedish and international artists including music in the popular NBC series " The Mysteries of Laura" , "Festival de Viña 2004" and the Swedish pre-selection to the Eurovision Song Contest, Melodifestivalen 2011 "Like Suicide, 2012 "Shout It Out and 2013 "Skyline. He has been touring with Kylie Minogue ´s "On a night Like this"-Tour as a part of the opening act Bosson and several Swedish top artists and productions such as Alcazar Disco Defenders Tour, "Tomas Ledin´s Skarpt Läge-Tour and "Diggiloo 2018 tour. 
2019 single "Ay Amor", featuring chilean artist "Mendez ( "DJ Mendez), is in Nandos own words a love-letter to life, love, family and his Latin and Swedish roots and it was well recieved by the public and Media. In 2020 and 2021 Nando are exploring and releasing covers and original songs in Spanish,Swedish and english in the Salsa genre combining all his favourite sounds,rythms and inspirations into one exiting canva of music.